Henry Unite

Resume: https://unitehenry.com/resume.pdf

Email: henry@unitehenry.com

GitHub: https://github.com/unitehenry

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/unitehenry

Blog: https://dev.to/unitehenry


LULA, Miami FL - Senior Software Engineer


  • Revamped the internal claims processing and reduced the amount of time it took to file a claim from days to minutes, by integrating with different claims administrators' systems.
  • Automated the process of notifying customers about their claims, by using Twilio and Sendgrid to send communication about critical steps in their claims process.
  • Built a third party claims flow that reduced call volume by hundreds of hours, by building a single page web app for third parties to self-service their claim filings.

LULA, Miami FL - Full Stack Developer


  • Built the original MVP that scaled the company from hundreds to thousands of users, by bootstrapping the intitial version of the product on Firebase.
  • Automated the process of generating thousands of insurance documents which would manually take an average of 20 minutes to do, by building headless chrome automations to login and download documents from the carrier’s portal.
  • Designed a system for teams to deploy autonomously, by adopting micro-frontend architecture and backends for frontends

Skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, F#, C#, Terraform, Vue, NextJS, React, .NET Core, GraphQL, Apollo GraphQL, NodeJS, Google Cloud Platform, GitHub Actions, Honeycomb, Git, Bash, Docker, Kubernetes, Postgres SQL, Big Query

Bicycle Transit Systems, Philadelphia PA - Full Stack Developer


  • Built monitoring to prevent over $10K worth of bike assets from being stolen on a monthly basis, by integrating with GPS modules to track bikes across multiple cities.
  • Prevented bikes from being stolen in major cities, by integrating with Twilio One-Time Passcode API upon purchasing a bike pass.

Skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Vue, PHP, Wordpress, Digital Ocean, MySQL, Python, Flask, SQL Alchemy, Ansible, GitHub Actions, Bash, Linux, Git, Swift, Java, XCode, Android Studio

Striven, Lumberton NJ - Software Developer

MAY 2019 - NOVEMBER 2020

  • Created a text editor for an internship project that made it to production, by creating a WYSIWYG library from pure JavaScript and deployed as an npm module.
  • Implemented a search solution that indexed over a million records across multiple tenants, by deploying an Elasticsearch cluster using Docker.

Skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Vue, Elastic Search, Docker, GitLab, ASP.NET Webforms, SQL Server, Visual Basic, Docker, C#

Software Projects

Satosa - https://satosa.com

Launched an MVP on Product Hunt and made it to the front page, by offering a service that manages agreements on your websites and apps with a low-friction click to accept e-signature alternative.

Skills: Rust, React, TypeScript, Terraform, GitHub Actions, Google Cloud Platform, Cloud Run, NodeJS, MongoDB Atlas

Striven Editor - https://github.com/striven-erp/striven-editor

Contributed and maintained an open source WYSIWYG editor as an internship project that made it to production and was adopted by the company I was working at.

Skills: Open Source Development, Chai, Jest, JavaScript, Node Package Manager

Hackathons - https://devpost.com/unitehenry

Developed a skill for building prototypes by participating in over a half-dozen hackathons, and placing in several categories.


OSSU Computer Science

Path to a free self-taught education in Computer Science

Rowan College of South Jersey, Vineland NJ - MAY 2020

Associate in Science, Computer Science Degree

Awards and Certifications

Free Code Camp Full Stack Developer Certification - APRIL 2020


Raving Fan Merit Award - JULY 2020


Raving Fan Merit Award - SEPTEMBER 2019


HackRU Fall 2019 Education Track Winner - OCTOBER 2019